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Vol. 22 (2002)

(vol.  17, 18, 19, 23 )


Scherbak D.M., Prihodko V.K., Shevchenko V.I.
Peculiarities of qualitative substance composition of initial kaolins of the Zhezhelivske deposit

Detailed studies of the substance composition of initial kaolins of the Zhezhelivske deposit were conducted. These investigations revealed an absence of mineral forms of titanium and iron. The quality of raw materials in most of parametres is the same as it is at the best deposits of initial kaolins of the world. An economic effectiveness of mining of the Zhezhelivske deposit was shown.

Scherbak D.M., Shnyukov S.E
Problem of periodization of ore forming processes on the geological history of the Earth

Metallogenic epochs of Pre-Rephean of the Ukraine Shield are considered. The relationship between the ore forming processes and geochronological factors and geochemical cycles one shown.

Shevchuk V.V., Grinchenko O.V., Bogdanova M.I.
To the question on thrusting dynamics in the borders of "slice" zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians

This paper consider structural features of differentially oriented displacements, including reverse to bulk thrusting occured at digitational zones of thrust sheet frontal parts. Some possible dynamic conditions of their occurrence are also discussed.

Zaika-Novazkiy G.V.
Zone of Pre-Cambrion milonits and blastomilonits in the Middle-Dneprowsky megablok

On the example of Sholohov zone milonits consider PT-condition form make, struktural paragenesis this zone, and make conklusion for their geological mapping.

Tatarinova O.O.
Age of Zelenogaiskaya and Pavlovskaya Greenstone structure (Near-Azov block)

The greenstone rockes of Zelenogaiskaya Greenstone structure are intrudet by leycokratic granites 248020 Ma ago. The Pavlovskaya and Zelenogaiskaya Greenstone structure are formed probably in mesoarchean sinchronously with Greenstones belts of Middle-Dnieper block. The metavolcanics DAT formation are correlate with chertomlyk suite of konka series.

Andreeva O.O.
The genetic types of bentonitic deposits and the Ukrainian bentonitic potential

The article is devoted to the issue of the bentonitic potential of the territory of Ukraine. The author considers the genetic types of bentonite deposits, their practical application in industry.

Osmachko L.S., Taranyuk O.V.
Osipenkovsky granodioritic massif as secondary dislocation structure

Osipenkovsky granodioritic massif is situated on the southeastern part of the Western Priazovsky tectonic block. It represents the system hierarchically subordinated secondary lenses. This structure had been forming on due of displaced deformations and compressing strains under the influence of thermodynamic conditions of amphibolithic metamorphic facies.

Bilan O.V., Grinchenko V.F.
The types of ovoids in the rocks of Korosten pluton and some genetic questions

Scheme of classification of rapacivi ovoids on internal structure and mineral composition is presented. On the base of the find of ovoids with rock cores there have proposed metasomatis qenesis of the ovoids.

Shevchuk V.V.
PT-conditions and deep-seated metamorphism

Based on results of numerical modelling of heat flows and strain fields functional dependence between such extensive metamorphic parameters as temperature and overall pressure from anomalous thermofluidal flows hove been established.

Menasova A., Gritsenko V.
The find of Podolian Vendiata and it taphonomical analysis

The article deals with classification systems for description of Vendian fossils and some results of its thaphonomic and paleoenvironment exploration


Kiselevich L.S., Kiselevich P.L.
Geological-geochemical peculiarities of arthefacts of paleoantrops from stand-site Small Rakovets IV (Zakarpatye)

Precise quantitative geochemical analysis of the archaeological specimens from stand-site Small Rakovets was made. Because it the correlation between arthefacts and their possible stone-sources was elucidated. Some indicators elements for the future investigation was found.

Kurylo M.V., Kurylo M.M.
Dawsonite - no traditional soda and alumina raw materials in the Ukraine (economic estimate, industrial-genetic and mineral types)

A detailed characteristic is given to dawsonite mineralisation in Ukraine. The condition of formation, industrial-genetic and mineral types are presented.

Lukienko O.I., Kravchenko D.V.
Rheological types of Ukrainian Shield dislocation tectonics of Middle-Poboug region (base on results of tectonic-facial investigation)

Seven stages of dislocation transformation of Archean granulite-basic complexes were determined basing on the results of tectonic-facial investigation of Middle-Poboug region. Rheological types of dislocation tectonics of Ukrainian Shield corresponding to these stages were separated. It is showed that the most important role for tectonic architecture of this region had played viscous shistosity-gneissous faults which had formed in P-T conditions of amphibolite diaphthoresis (upper katazone) and coditions of active granitization of granulites that was bonded with poboug complex formation.

Shunko V.V.
Mineralogeny of metasomatic formations of the Ukrainian Shield

The presence of wide range of low-, middle- and high temperature metasomatites of the Precambrian rocks of the Ukrainian Shield was confidently proved. Albitites (uranium) and potassic feldspars (berillium) show limited metallogenic specialisation. New findings of ore bearing beresites-listvenites and greisens broaden the prospects on discovering new ore formations.

Mykhailov V.A., Scherbak D.M., Grinchenko O.V.
Comparative peculiarities of metallogeny of Early Precambrian

The metallogenic peculiarities of Early Precambrian of the major shields and cratons of the world (West African, Kaapvaal, Zimbabwean, Ukrainian, Australian, Canadian, and others) are compared. Are suggested, that the main epochs of the gold mineralization are Mezoarchean (3.2-2.9 Ga), Neoarchean (2.7-2.6 Ga), Paleoproterozoic (2.2-1.9 Ga); of the iron ores mineralization - the Paleoproterozoic; and of the uranium mineralization - Neoarchean (3.0-2.7 Ga), and Paleoproterozoic (2.3-1.8 Ga).

Nesterovskiy V.A.
To the problem of gemmology terminology

Specific of the independent scientific discipline is reflected in its terminology. Terms and concepts used often in the gemmology are described in the article. These terms and concepts define mostly the object of the research and status of the gemmology among the other branches of the science.

Rzhanitsyn V.O., Ivanik O.M.
Main problems of the research of landslide processes in Kanev's Pridneprovye

In the article the information about modern display of gravitational processes in Kanev's Pridneprovye are stated. On the basis of field supervision of landslide processes in Kanev's reserve the basic reasons of their occurrence are revealed, the negative influence on an ecological condition of environment is appreciated. The necessity of constant monitoring natural and technogene processes in this region is determined.

Ogar V.V.
Zonal sequences of the Bashkirian stage corals in Eastern Europe

The stratigraphic units that had been recognized by corals (complexes, zones) are of ecosystem nature, which is manifested in strong change of index fossil associations. An analysis of the most studied sections of Bashkirian stage in Eastern Europe as its stratotype area (Western slopes of the Southern Urals) as "standard" section of the Donets basin testify that these regions had passed three main phases in their geological evolution. In stratigraphic charts three sub-stages of Bashkirian stage should be corresponded to the above mentioned phases, respectively.


Gavrylov S.O.
Using of potential of soil water for automatization of irrigation system

Regulator device of soil water regime which, in structure of irrigating system, permit to automatize a process of agricultural crops irrigation. This device implements progressive method of optimization of soil water regime. It does not require any energy sources and provides optimal flow rate. Also this device advantageously differs from other well-known devices by it's simple construction and reliability.

Korneenko S.
Features chemical and mineralogy material of structure hydro-morphological loam of rocks in contours morphological structures on the territory of North - West seaboard Black Sea are indicated

On the basis of detailed engineering-geological researches of basic sites of development morphological structures on the territory of North - West seaboard Black Sea are indicated. The characteristic chemical and mineralogy material of structure hydro-morphological loam of rocks in contours of structures in comparison with containing subairiai less by a cover is given.

Koshlyakov O.E.
Estimation of Consequences of Barrage's Effect from Piles of Base of Uspensky Cathedral of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

The results of an estimation of possible consequences of the barrage's effect from piles of the base of restored of Uspensky Cathedral (Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra are made. The available data testify that there are no bases to consider negative consequences of the barrage's effect essential under fulfilment of the design decisions. It is established, that the reduction of stability of the slope near to the Cathedral is possible in the future in case of increasing of the artificial component of the charge of an earth flow.

Baysarovych I.M.
Submarine discharge of underground water within the cape of Aya

This paper reflects the submarine fresh-water discharge monitoring within the cape of Aya (south-western part of the Mountainous Crimea). It is suggested that hydro-chemical and hydro-optic differences between underground fresh water discharging under the sea level and marine water make it possible to use these methods while finding the spring in the Crimean shelf.

Shpak O.M.
The problem of environment contamination with petroleum products in Ukraine

The environment of Ukraine is significantly exposed to load of petroleum storing, refining and transport. Environment contamination with petroleum products is considered to be a crisis with hard consequences in the nearest future. Groundwater that is the main source of drinking water supply is the most vulnerable. Nowadays, groundwater contamination is revealed in a large number of cities and towns in Ukraine. More than 120 large water-supply well systems are located in either contaminated or "latent" contaminated areas. Different ways of petroleum migration in the subsurface promote contamination spreading complicating predictions and remedial actions at the same time.

Fialko O., Kovulchyuk L.
The study of unlinear thermal field above hydrocarbone deposits for evalvation of the convective component and prognosis of deep-seated oil and gas deposits (at example of Dniprovo-Donetskay basin)

The new parameters (radius of curvature R and F-criterion) for evaluation of unlinearity degree of well thermograms are offered. The use of the thermohydrogasodynemic method allows discovery of more perspective places for deep-drilling for industrial gas afflux on West-Shebelinskaya structure.


Tolstoy M.I.
About problems on studying neogeodynamical manyfistations

In the article the basic reasons and displays of dynamic processes, methods of their registration and range of applications are indicated. The fundamental nature neogeodynamic of the phenomena in geologic formations and necessity of their analysis by methods of dynamic geophysics and geology is marked.


Mykhaelichenko O.M., Zhukov N.N.
Computer modelling of petrochemical evolution of granitoids by means of the "Filter" information system (on an example of North-Western region of the Ukrainian Shield)

Shown is the possibility of computer modelling of petrochemical evolution of magmatic formations by means of the "Filter" information system on an example of North-Western region of the Ukrainian Shield. Evolutionary consecution is determined, which reflects regularity of the changes in the time of a chemical composition of the researched granitoids.

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