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Series of geology

Vol. 17 (2000)

(vol.  22, 23 )

Popova L. V.
Palaeoecological analysis of micromammal fauna of Dnieper area (the Late Pleistocene - Holocene)

The paper presents a reconstruction of environmental conditions in the Late Pleistocene of Dnieper area based on quantitative and qualitative composition of the small mammals fauna and the distribution of different ecological groups. The role and significance of Dnieper valley in formation of the Late Pleistocene and Holocene faunas are established.


Egorova T.M.
The experience of detail landscape-geochemical researches of Gytomirsky Polissya

Detail landscape-geochemical researches was carrying on the territory radioecology range "Vyzovkar" Ignatpol region Gitomir oblast. Researches had included: division into districts; attended test vegetation, soil, river water, alluvia; determine activity of 137 Cs, 90Sr and content Cu, Mo, Zn, Pb, Ni, Co, Cr, V, Mn; attended analysis geochemical fields with distinguish natural and technogy parts. Author's elaboration of the composite ecogeochemical analysis questions have instilled on the territories became dirty after the Chernobyl accident in 1986. Qualitative-quantitative parameters of different migration forms have received for parts of geochemical landscapes.


Mandryk B.M., Mokienko V. I., Mandryk A.M.
Hydrochemical regimen of the underground waters in conditions influence of the industrial enterprises

On an example of Nikopol metallurgical factory the features of research hydrogeochemical of a nditions on an industrial platform of factory and environmental territory are considered. On the basis hydrodynamics of model of region the balance and ways of migration polluting substances in underground waters is investigated.

A degree of pollution of underground waters within the limits of factory Is established(installed) and valuation hydrogeochemical of a conditions on environmental territories is executed.


Vol. 18 (2000)

Tolstoy M.I.
Actual problems of the development of the regional recreation zones of Ukraine. Methods of their geoecological reseaches

In the article the information about general common condition of recreation maintenance of country is resulted, the recommendations for its development, methodological principles of regional geoecological researches of recreation zones are given.


Ivanik O.M.
The state-of-the-art review and history of researches of the geomorphologic structure and bottom deposits of Antarctic seas of Southern ocean

In the article the data about a history of researches of geomorphology and compositions of the bottom deposits of Antarctic seas are resulted. The existing items of information of modern scientific point of view are analysed.


Mandruk B.M., Koshlyakov O.I., Kirichenko I.S.
Features of study of influence of development of deposits granular phosphorites of the Volynsk area by a method hydroproduction from chinks on a condition of an environment

With reference to the erlift-monitor circuit hydroextraction of the graining phosphorites was suggeted a technique regimen of supervision over a level and quality of underground waters, and also at a condition of a file mountain rocks and lowerly of a surface of the ground on a deposit and environmental territories is offered.


Ognyanik N.S., Briks A.L.
Finding - out of conditions of underground waters resources formation in southwest part of Crimea

In connection with insufficient studying hydrological conditions of the south-western part of the Crimea, statement of the question of field investigation need is urgent. However, using even available data by means of multivariant computational experiments, i.e. mathematical modelling, can provide valuable conclusions with respect to groundwater regime in the region and searching potential sites for added water intake.


Mandruk A.M., Katolichenko S.V.
Some aspects of an estimation of a degree of security of underground waters on an example Rubeshano-Lisichansk's range

On the base of investigation on Rubeschano-Lisichansk's poligon was staded the influence of the mining rocks of the zone aeratic, chemical composition and mineralization of the pollutions substances for the protection underground water.


Vol. 19 (2001)

Prodayvoda G.T.
Global self-organizing of the Earth

The global self-organizing of natural processes and influence technogenny of activity of the man is considered. The formylated principles of prevention of ecological accidents.


Prodayvoda G.T., Vyzhva S.A.
Problems of geophysical monitoring of dangerous natural and engineering processes

The modern condition of geophysical researches risky natural and man-caused of the phenomena in territory of Ukraine is considered. New scientific paradigm to active geophysical monitoring is proved. The complex approach of the decision of a problem is offered by development of fundamental and applied researches, by preparation is professional - guided of the workers and creation of system of retraining geophysics.


Kendzera O.V.
Condition and prospects of development of a seismological service of Ukraine

The seismological service of Ukraine was formed during last hundred years within of an Academy of sciences. In article are described composition, structure and modern state of a seismological network, purpose and grounds of its activity. There are formulated the basic tasks of a seismological service which are determined by needs of protection of the population, important and ecologically dangerous objects from earthquakes and secondary dangerous phenomena which accompany them. The reliable functioning of a seismological service is necessary for stable development of seismic regions of the country and maintenance by materials of supervision of fundamental researches in the field of the Earth physics. The examples of the important results, received on the basis of the processing of seismological supervision materials, and an examples of prime seismological tasks are shown. The problems, which constrain development (lower efficiency) of seismological service of Ukraine, are shown and the ways of their overcoming are offered.


Vyzhva S.A., O.B.Chernigovceva
Modern approaches for seismic monitoring organization as a part of environment geophysics monitoring

In a paper is directed and the experience of organization of national and international systems of seismic observations is generalized. The representations and functions seismic monitoring are described. The basic principles of functioning of extended national systems seismic monitoring are described. The singularities of organization of systems seismic monitoring for plants of the increased danger are reduced.


Gura K.O., Gryshchuk P.I.
The solution of the inverse problem from materials of the vector magnetometry

The opportunity of creation of interpretation technology for vector magnetometer is considered. Simultaneous use of a comparative method on vertical, horizontal and total anomalous components of the magnetic field allows to receive the information about geometrical and physical parameters for source of excitation in class of prismatic models. The proposal approach is the basis for development of the quantitative analysis of the data three-component magnetometry in the automated mode.


Grebennikov S.E., Lobasov O.P.

The geological-mathematical modeling and geographical information systems in a task of monitoring of sedimentary basins

The designed information and analytical facilities integrated on environment of geographic intelligence systems, allow a message of a database of settling ponds, as base radiant hydrocarbon of raw to pose the forecast of new fields and to conduct monitoring a mine safety.


V.Kurgansky, V.Andruschenko, I.Tishaev
Application of the modern methods of well investigation for resolution of the oil, ingeneering geology and ecology problems.

Decision of some oil, engineering geology and ecology problems are submitted by means of new geophysics technology.


Geophysical interpretation of slopes deformations in borders of development of landslips on a southern coast of Crimea

The problem questions of geological works on a design stage of structures, resisting to landslips, on a Southern coast of Crimea are considered and the ways of their decision by a complex of geophysical methods are offered. The results of work show, that the certain geophysical parameters can be used as the independent tool with the spatial forecast of development of landslip deformations on slopes, and also for a qualitative estimation of a phase of the condition, intense by deformation, of an earth file on short-term geophysical supervision.


Onischyk I.I.
The peculiarities of applying geophysical methods for ecological researches in Kyiv' Darnytsa district

The peculiarities of technique geophysical researches on a study of technogenic pollution of the upper part profile of the soils and rocks is showing. The geoelectrical parameters of the various pollutant soil types and the characteristic of the complement special layer-horizontal geophysical maps was given.

The peculiarities of applying geophysical methods for ecological researches in Kyiv' Darnytsa district.


Pigylevsky P.G., Svistyn V.K., Slobodjanuk S.O., Tjapkin O.K.
Applications of geophysical methods in solution of problems of technogenic safety in urban agglomerations

There is the development of the new scientific discipline - geophysics technogenic safety (on a joint geological and engineering sciences) in the conditions of transition to steady development of the technogenic loaded regions of Ukraine. There is our positive experience of solution of problems of geophysics of technogenic safety both regional level (in the conditions of industrial southeast of Ukraine) and local level (inside urban agglomerations).


V.Gavriltcev, M.Reva, Yu. Calcutin
Actual Issues in Development of Electrometer Techniques to be Applied for the Object under Cathode Protection Diagnostics and Monitoring.

The study discusses the technique of electrometer data analysis for evaluation of the protective ability of compressor stations, underground gas storage facilities and pipelines. Substantiation of measuring point spacing in the method of offset electrode and transverse gradient is presented. Calculations of measuring point spacing dependence upon sensitivity of measuring equipment and the damage size are made.


Suhorada A.V.
Agrogeophysics - ideology, conceptual basis, condition and prospects of development

The main methodological bases of new branch of applied geophysics - agrogeophysics are started. The condition of agrogeophysical researches on a initial stage of their development devoted geophysical reequipment soil science is determined.


Suhorada A.V., Shepel S.I., Tjutjunnik D.A.
On pedophisical properties of same zonal and hydromorphic soils of Ukraine.

The paper deals with a status and prospects of application of electrophisical methods in soil researches. The opportunity of their use for genetical diagnostics and the soil survey practice is estimated. The technique of electrophisical researches is described. The results of measuring of hydrophisical properties, electric resistance, relative dielectrical permeability of meadow-swampy soils (Polesje) and sodic meadow-chernozemic saline solonetzes in microcatena with meadow-chernozem alkalized soils. The essential distinctions of electrophisical parameters automurphic and hydromorphic soils are ascertained.


Zhykov N.N.
Signs of local heterogeneity of physical fields in geologic data bases for decision of prognosis tasks

The registration methods, formula for descriptions computation of local heterogeneity of physical fields, which can be used in bases of given information-analytic systems are described. Together with geologic by information of qualitative nature can put together information space for implementation of prognosis estimations.


Vyzva Z.O., Vyzva S.A.
The perspective of use of statistical simulation of random processes with irregular knots of interpolation for the organization of geophysics monitoring

It has been considered the problem of statistical simulation of realizations of random processes with irregular knots of interpolation, which may be used for the organization of geophysics monitoring, on this paper. The algorithm for the receiving of this realizations, which has been constructed on the base of one generalization Kotelnicov-Shennon's decomposition of random processes, has been formulated. It has been constructed the model for the random processes with irregular knots of interpolation, which has been given by its statistical characteristics.


Mysatenko S.I., Kolomijec G.I., Mysatenko Y.S., Kit O.O., Slipchenko O.S.
Measuring and program complexes for researches of underground distribution of radiowaves

The measuring and program complexes for researches of underground distribution of radiowaves are described.


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