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Vol. 45


(vol.  48, 49 )

Arion O.
Theoretical aspects of the landscape and ecological analysis optimization of the natural reserved territories.

There is presented the definition and there is disclosed the main theoretical and methodological provisions of the optimization of the landscape ecological analysis of the natural reserved territories, main ways and the principles of their optimisation.


Petrina N.
Landscape geochemical basements of the agricultural ecological monitoring net.

The necessity of creation of a uniform system of agroecological monitoring is substantiated. The general program of landscape-geochemical researches for the substantiation of a network of agroecological monitoring within the limits of administrative region is indicated.


Kiriluk M.
The conditions of the ecological approach in the geographical sciences.

There are presented the main global ecological geographical problems and there are described the ways of the optimization of nature usage and the restoring and reservation of the geographical environment.


Kibich I., Konovalova N.
To the issue of studies of the ecological economic complex of Chernivtsy region.

There are specified the directions of the studies of the regional and local inter-branch ecological economic complex given the example of the Chernivtsi region.


Shcherbyna V.
Landscape ecological approach to the studies of the biological variety of the wooden ecosystems.

It is studies the issues of the studies and reservation of the biological variety of wooden ecosystems and landscape ecological approach to it solution, it is based the provisions of the modern popular ecology.


Melnyk A.
The tasks and contents of ecological landscape analysis.

There are reconstructed the landscapes of the Lutsk stage of middle Anthropogen, which can be the spatial and chronological model of the modern landscapes development for the short and long perspective.


Dmytruk O.
The urboecological's theoretical-methodological and practics problems.

Main theoretical-methodological and practical problems geoecological of researches urban landscapes are considered. Are determined the contents and problem urboecological.


Tsvelykh E.
The compare estimation of the ecological sequences of the carrier usage of non-metal natural resources.

It is presented the compare estimation of the ecological sequences of the natural resources usage on the example of under and on water basins of the building sands.


Obodovskyi O.
Hydro-ecological specialties of the rivers of Ukraine Valleys formation.

It is made the estimation of the river valleys formation in Ukraine under conditions of the usage and taking into account of the hydroecological indicators of river processes.


Stetsishin M.
Ecological economic efficiency of the nature usage in the regional AIC.

In the article there studied the ways of efficient nature usage in the regional AIC under conditions of the market economy.


Kornilova N.
The sentence of the territorries with the critical ecological situation.

Mechanism of origin ecological situation on territoty is traced. Peculiarity territory with critical ecological situation is gronded.


Vol. 46


Gamaliy I.

The radioactivecontaminating of agrolandscapes in Bilocerkivsky district of Kyiv region.

There are analysed the territorial differences annd contamporary trends of radioactive contaminates in Bilocerkivsky district.


Savycka O.

The heavy metals' spatial distribution in the geosystems of urban forest parks (Golosiyvsky forest as an example).

The landscape geochemical investigation of the heavy metals distribution in the soil of Golosiyv forest geosystems in Kyiv have been carried out.


Kononenko O.
The mechanism of technology-ecological safety regulation on the regional level.

This paper proposes a system of economic and organization instruments of hazardous activity management on the regional level.


Gudyma M.
Ecological problems of the recreational natural usage.

The article reports on change of the elements of the landscape under the influence of the recreational activity. It rises a problem of the loads and capacity of natural territorial complexes.


Vol. 47


Shyshchenko P., Oliynyk Y.
The ecological geography: formation, essence and tasks

This article reveals the history, essence and primary goals of ecogeography.


Lymanska I., Obodovsky O., Kobzysty P.
Synoptic conditions of spring floodable rainfall in Zakarpattya.

There are analysed synoptic processes, which lead to catastrophic spring flood in Zakarpattya territiory.


Bugay D., Kurylo S., Hilchevsky V.
Hydrology processes and evaluation of hydrochemical conditions, wich forming carry out of Sr-90 into water flow from radio-active contamination waterscapes.

There are described the main hydrology processes, which fforming migration of Sr-90 into surface water based on the data of experimental waterscape at the 5-cm Chornobyl NPP zone as an example. There are chracterized the hydrochemical composition of the surface and pore water of bottom layers.


Gladkey O.
The factors of human-ecological safety of Kyiv economical agglomeration.

The factors of safety development of Kiev economical agglomeration (crime rate, ecological and technogeneous accidents, social stress) are considered. The regions with highest level of their influence, which required state regulation and diminution of negative potential, are defined.


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