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Vol. 23 (2003)

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Ostapenko G.T., Pavlov G.G., Grinchenko V.F., Kuts V.O.
Experimental simulation of anatexis in blocks of enderbite, biotite-amphibole gneiss and bipyroxene schist under water pressure

Experiments to simulate the anatexis (partial melting)were carried oudt using blocks of enderbite, biotite-amphibole gneiss and bipyroxene schist between 7000 C and 9500C and 100 - 200 Mpa water pressure. First portions of the melt appear as intergranular films in between feldspar and quartz grains at temperatures exceeding 7000C. Substitution of carbon dioxide for water under the same total pressure increase the same total pressure increase the temperature of initial melting.

Lukienko O.I.
Connection of displacement deformation and greenstone state metamorphism during clivage flow of rocks in the zones of viscous faults of mezozone

Shevchuk V.V., Pavlov G.G., Grinchenko O.V.
Shistosity and its relation to other metamorphic textures

The analysis of using the terms "shistosity", "foliation" and "cleavage" has shown presence of essential disagreements as to their meanings that give rise misunderstanding between geologists. It is recommended to return to initial meanings of these terms - shistosity, as volume-planar structure, and cleavage, as mechanical ability of rock to split. From these positions are discussed interrelation between shistosity and other structural-textural elements. It is offered to classify shistosity occurences separately based on morphological and genetic features.

Pavlov G.G., Bilan O.V.
Korostenski pluton of Ukrainian shield: Pecularities of influence of diabases on surrounding granitoids

Gatsenko V.O., Pavlov G.G., Kysluk V.V.
The bimetasomatic skarns of Chemerpol gold ore manifestation (Ukrainian shield)

There are transition rocks from silicate to carbonate plutonic metamorphic formation within the limits of Chemerpol ore manifestation. The rocks are formed as a result of bimetasomatic skarning of original silicate and carbonate stratas. The skarning is going on under conditions of high degree metamorphism. It is showed a roughly similarity of the process with ones in other subjects of Middle Bug region having a similar substantial composition.

Grinchenko O.V.
Early to middle archean cratons and some features of archean mineralisation

This paper considers evolution of mineralisation of Early to Middle Archean cratons Pilbara (West Australia), Kaapvaal (South Africa) and Ukrainian Shield. Some features of Archean mineralisation of world-known craton ìày be useful while searching new possible mineralisation types of Ukrainina Shield in Archeàn.

Shevchenko V.I.
Argillaceous minerals of the Bachtin deposits of fluor spar

Some mineral new formations were investigated in metasomatic rocks of the Bachtin Deposit of fluor spar in Pridnestrovie. Hydrothermal dickite was defined in changed rocks in contrast to kaolinite of autogenetic origin in sandstone which weren't suffered metasomatic transformations.

Kurylo M.V.
About the characteristic of processes cotagenetic ore formation

The paper deals with the essential role catagenetic rock transformation for ore-generation in sedimentary series. A detailed characteristic is given to the Truskavetch lead-zinc ore deposit/ in this example are showed great importance high-grade mineralised salt water (brines) in formation sulphur - sulphide mineralization.

Gritsenko V., Zaika-Novatsky V.
The Project of creation National centralized computer-based data bank on geological stratotypes, borehole reference geological sections and paleontological collections

The authors propose to set up in the Ukraine National centralized computer-based data bank on geological stratotypes, reference geological sections, paleontological collections of State organization and private persons. Such data bank will be collected on basement of the National Natural scientific Museum or the Government Enterprise "Geoinform". This data bank should be easy of access to work of geologist from Ukraine and beyond the bounds of it. Besides, authors introduced readers with results of Conference "natural and Cultural Landscapes: The Geological foundation. It was realized by Royal Irish Academy in association with the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland in the Dublin Castle, Dublin Ireland.

Nesterovskiy V.A., Kleshchenko S.O., Mykhaylova O.M.
Petrographic composition of crystalline rocks of Antarctic Station "Academician Vernadskiy"

Crystalline rocks petrographic composition of Antarctic station "Academic Vernadsky" region. On the rock material base gathered during the second sailing. SIH "Ernst Crenkel" 1998 were given results of petrographic investisations of original rocks of Halindes island of Argentinian islands archipelago. It was separeted by groups and described various types of metamorphic and magmatic rocks: kataclasis, schits, granites, andesites.

Popova L.V.
Micromammals fauna of the Dnieper modern channel alluvium: taphonomic and biostratigraphic implications

Analysis of micromammals remains obtained within the point bar beaches of the Dnieper River, besides obtaining of valuable information concerning the Late Pleistocene small mammals spreading and evolution allowed to establish some general laws of forming of faunal alluvial localities.

Mykhaylov V.A., Mykhaylova L.S., Bilyak V.G.
The potential of Rakhivsky ore region of Transcarpathian region with regard of gold mineralisation of Carlin type

A big potential of Transcarpathian region (Rakhovsky ore region) with regard to a new (for Ukraine) type of gold deposits, such as disseminated deposits of Carlin type, which were found in Nevada and provided 66% of gold production of USA, is suggested. The gold mineralization of the Rakhovsky ore region represented by Saulak deposit, several sites, litho- and hydrochemical anomalies ,is similar to stratiform deposits of Carlin-type. The evidences are localization in the zone of sharriage-overthrust dislocation into calcareous-carbonaceous strata, disseminated stratiform type of mineralization, presence of the zones of silicification and sulfidization, structural and mineralogical peculiarities of ores, a big Au/Ag ratio and so on.

Menasova A.Sh.
New finds of Podolian Vendiata

In this work is description of new species and genera from Vendian deposits in Podol region; and it gives explanations the most common terms deal with Precambrian Metazoa

Mitrokhin O.V.
The parental magmas of the basic rocks of Volodarsk-Volynsky massif (Korosten pluton)

On the base of the calculatåd average composition it has been defined the parental magmas of the basic rocks of Volodarsk-Volynsky massif. It has been made a conclusion that parental magma of the massif was corresponded to subalkalic high-aluminous leykobasalt, which was exposed to diferentiation within several intermediate chamberes with separation of subalkalic basalt liquid fractiones.

Osmachko L.S.
The Western limb of Central Priazovsky synclinore is complicate dislocation structure

Bezvynny V.P.
About space and genetic relation metallizing process of rare metals and gold in the structures west environment of Korsun-Novomirgorod's pluton

By last result of geologist, geochemical and metalogenic reseashes into the west environment of Korsun-Novomsrgorod's pluton (at first, on Petroostrov's ore fields), were are determine principles of localization rare metals and gold subjects. It's explain by unity structures control and accessory metallizing processes to unity stage of ore deposition with successive and definite evolution ore-bearing fluids

Kurylo M.M.
The geological and economic estimate of fluor-spar raw materials for the ferrous metal industry of Ukraine

The present deals with a short review of fluorite as raw materials for ferrous metal industry. A detailed characteristics is given to the Pokrovo-Kireevske and Bachtinske deposits of fluorite as ones of the most perspective in Ukraine. Especial attention is paid to the economic characteristic of these deposits. Ukraine is able to meet its requirements in fluorite by own resources.


Ognianyk M.S., Maksymov V.G., Dyniak S.A.
Liquidation results of petrochemical contamination on storage territory fuel of lubrication materials air-port "Borispol"

Environment contamination with petroleum products is considered to be a crisis. Ground water that is the main source of drinking water supply is the most vulnerable. Lead the liquidation results of petrochemical contamination of underground waters on storage territory fuel of lubrication materials air-port "Borispol".

Fialko O., Konietska T.
Ecological aspects of hydrochemical deep-seated water

Thå article is devouted to question pollution of technogenic origin. Autors of propous to use of system regional models of monitoring.

Mandryk A.M., Katolichenko S.V.
Specification of hydro-geological conditions of western part of a zone of obligatory eviction

The questions of a schematization of hydro-geological conditions of territory of Ukraine and Byelorussia are considered which are polluted owing to failure on Chernobyl's ÀES. In article the structuren scheme of researches for drawing up geofiltration's of model is given.

Korneenko S., Shnyukov S.
Applied meaning of geochemical researches hydro-morphological loam of rocks in contours sink morphosculptures on the territory of North - West seaboard Black Sea Are

On the basis of results received during performance of special complex researches of basic sites of development sink morpfosculptures in territory of region North - West seaboard Black Sea Are the principles and parameters of a qualitative and quantitative estimation of a degree of loam and degradation of less adjournment in contours of structures are developed.

Korneenko S.
The comparative characteristic deformation of property subairial less and hydromorfological loam of breeds in contour morphological structures on the territory of North-West seaboard Black Sea Are

On the basis of results received at performance of special complex engineering-geological researches of basic sites of development morphological structures on the territory of North-West seaboard Black Sea Are, is given the detailed characteristic deformation of properties hydromorfological loam of breeds in contours of structures in comparison with containing subairial less by a cover.

Shostak A., Fialko O.
Change of fluid loss properties for clay rocks during their consolidation

Laboratory examination of metrics for clay material filtering, which be pressure tested are considered. Main dependencies in change of fluid loss properties for rocks with various gradations are defined. Theoretical justification for the reasons of such change during long term consolidation for clay soil is resulted.


Tolstoy M.I., Shabatura O.V., Onyshchuk I.I., Bychok V.D.
The neogeodynamic features of the crystal rock base of the natural reservation "Zhukiv Khutir" are obtained with ecogeophysical data

An application of the geodynamical stuctural mapping method with the geophysical researches find out the neogeodynamic features of the crystal rock base's natural reservation "Zhukiv Khutir"

Geykman A.M.
The effect of govern parameters on the prediction and attenuation of multiples by Born's scattering series method

The problem of free-surface multiples prediction and attenuation in seismic reflection data by Born's scattering series method is considered. The theory of the method is described. The effect of the govern parameters of the method on the result of multiples prediction and attenuation is demonstrated with synthetic data.


Mykhaelichenko O.M., Zhukov N.N.
Construction of the hierarchical classification scheme of the granitoids of the North-Western region of the Ukrainian Shield on the basis of complex mineralogical-petrographic data

The results of clusterization of the granitoids of the North-Western region of the Ukrainian Shield on the basis of complex petrographic information by means of the "Filter" information system are given. Hierarchical classification scheme for the investigated granitoid's petrotypes was constructed.

Shostak I.
Expert rating method for reconstruction priorities of irrigation systems

The expert method is offered and realized in information system "Reconstruction" - the tool for the well-justified choice of priority measures for reconstruction and modernization of irrigation systems. Method is developed on the basis of rating status and functioning conditions of existing natural - agrolandreclamation systems by groups of ecological, economic and technical criteria.

Pastuch M.
About accuracy of definition of the leaf point

The author considers a place and a role of leaf point and opens accuracy of its definition through average square-law errors. The size of an error of definition of leaf item doesn't exceed an error of a centering and visualization of the geodetic device. Flexibility in a choice of leaf point reduces the field calculations to a minimum and reliably supervises them.

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