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Series of geography

Vol. 48 (2002)

(vol.  45, 46, 47, 49, )

Oliynyk Y., Getman V.
Ecological tourism in ukrainian national natural parks and biosphere reserve at international year for ecotourism and mountains

In this article the essence of ecological tourism and its specific features in National Natural Parks and Biosphere Reserves of Ukraine is opened

Pazynych V., Pazynych N.
The upward penetrating of the rocks with different physical-chemical properties as landforming factors

In the landscapes with immobile or weakly movable water the upward rocks penetrations have significant mean. This phenomenon includes tree stages. First - the solution of the carbonate underlies rocks. Second - the travel of the dissolved rocks as ions and cations. Third - the rock sedimentation in the near surface zone due to the season temperature exchange. In this way the mass of the underlying rocks are penetrating in the upper layers. The main features of this phenomenon is reducing of the rocks volume that is reason of the earth surface depression beginning.

Udovychenko V.
Theoretical-methodological aspects of landscape ecological analysis of natureuseing

A definition is presented in the article, the main theoretical-methodological items of landscape ecological analysis of natureuseing are disclosed here, there are main direction and principles of its optimization for Sumy region.

Kravets O.
The ecologic network as condition of regional ecological policy in Ukraine

The peculiarities of an ecological network, which have huge role in regional ecological politic of Ukraine are considered and due to its new qualities should occupy a conducting place in it.

Melnychuk I.
Climate change in anthropogenez (based on paleogeographical data)

The paleoclimate is analyzed during the anthropogenez. The forecast of its evolution for the nearest and remote respective is proposed.

Komlev O., Pogorilchuk N.
Mesozoic-cainozoic deposits of a caver Volyno-Podolya and geomorphologic models of its organisation

The theoretical and methodical aspects of study basin such as organization geomorfosferic are considered. It is offered and the new type of geomorphologic models of deposits of a cover Volyno-Podolya is analyzed.

Voloshchuk V., Boychenko S.
Demographic problem: global tendencies, consequences for Ukraine

The history of a concept of "climate" from antique times up to modern epoch is considered. The concept "climatic statistical ensemble" is discussed and climatic statistical ensemble are constructed on an example of the statistical analysis of monthly land-surface temperatures and the monthly sums of an atmospheric precipitation in territory of Ukraine for the period of 1960-1990.

Budnik S., Khilchevsky V.
Peculiarities of hydrochemical processes simulation in water flow on slopes

Basic changes of chemical elements content changes in waters flow on slopes which must be taken into account at simulation of hydro-chemical processes were considered in the article.

Romas M.
The specialties of daily dynamics of hydrologic-hydrochemical indicators in water of reservoirs APS

The results of experimental researches of temperature and hydrochemical modes in water of reservoirs ĄPS are given.

Vykhovanets G.
Impact of dispersal distance of wind flux on aeolian process evolution within a sandy shores of seas

Dispersal distance (Deoi) is one of important factors of aeolian processes development within sandy shores of a different seas. Long-term stationary measurements shown the various impact. Different results were represented that Deoi is depending of beach size, sediment composition, directions of wind actions, landscape structure of a accumulative forms surface. This results will high importance for natural resources usage within sea coasts.

Obodovsky O., Onyshchuk V., Konovalenko O.
Bed-form discharge and flood classification in Carpathian rivers

On basis of expeditions and laboratories long-term data of river bed evolution researching in Carpathian rivers the scientific methodology approaching to bed-form discharge and flood classification are shown in this article.

Smyrnov I.
Geologistics as direction for territorial-ecological optimization of logistics systems

Considered the newest scientific and business direction - geologistics'. Shown geologistics' object, subject and main research method. Worded geologistics' basic scientific terms. Reflected geologistics' importance as scientific, business, public activity (including international aspects) and as ecological factor. Given short characteristics of the biggest Ukrainian and international logistics firms.

Biley A., Mezentseva N., Mezentsev K.
Demogeographical aspects of the Kyiv region social development

The factors of demogeographical situation forming and specialties of development of natural and mechanical population motion in Kyiv region are analysed.

Gladkey O.
The historical-geographical aspects of Kyiv Economic Agglomeration development

The historical aspects of settlement and industrial development of Kiev Economic Agglomeration are discovered. The method of estimation of phasic cities development is used.

Lyubitseva O., Peleshenko N.
Spiritual cell

The historical-culturakl role of Kyiv teacher house is exposed.

Titova S.
The analisis of formation and development of a cartographical method. Levels of researches on maps

The stageis of historical establishing, formation and develohment of cartographical research methods a represented. The essential of the methodology cartographical method, main methods and skills employment maps of the scientific research is open up.

Bilous V., Bodnar S.
The graphic editor AutoCad for the decision of a straight corner spatial registration is applicated at the cartographical a heritage histirical-architectural monuments

Methodic of the decision a straight corner geodetic registration is offered in the graphic editor AutoCAD with reception of coordinates of basic points with analytical accuracy.

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