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Series of geography

Vol. 49 (2003)

(vol.  45, 46, 47, 48, )

Pistun M., Oliynyk Y., Gucal V.
Regional specialties of privately owned farms function in Ukraine

There are analysed the territorial differentiation of privately owned farms function in Ukraine.

Dmytruk O., Uliganets S.
Lanscape-recreational estimation of the mineral waters of Zakarpattya

Natural - Landscape conditions are analysed in the article. Also a short histary of studying and using mineral waters of Zakarpatya. A scheme map jf Landscape -balneological fivision info disfricts of Zakarpatyan region is given and warked out by the authors.

Romanchuk S.
Sacral landscape of the Pheophanija

There are considered sacral, aesthetial, historical-cultural and natural value of Pheophanija landscapes as considerable touristical-recreational object in Kyiv.

Gavrylenko O.
Investigation of Ukraine landscapes anthropogenic transformation for geoecological grounds of nature protection system

Landscape-ecological investigations main stages of nature protection system ground in schemes and projects of nature using are presented. Significance of landscape map as a base for connection of different branch materials. Necessity of connection between landscape structure and nature using structure is substantiated.

Mishchenko A.
Geographical information and information geographical space

The question of a nature of the information and the geographical information is considered. The review of approaches to concept " information space " is made and concept "information geographical space of territory of the state " is entered.

Komlev O., Filonenko J.
The basic genetic types of an old relief early - and late-cretasik of age in limits about the right coast Dniper.

In submitted clause the short analysis paleogeomorphology of conditions is made which caused formation of an ancient relief during early and late cretasik. Is named and is characterized the basic genetic types of an ancient relief About the right coast Dniper characteristic for the specified age ranges. The genetic types of a relief were considered(examined) within the limits of separate geotectoniks of blocks, which make researched region of Ukraine.

Snizhko S.
Structural division of regional hydrochemical macrosystem of Zhytomyr Poliss'ya

Here is the results of structural division of hydrochemical system Zhitomir Poliss'ya are submitted. By results of kluster analysis is executed hierarchical structural division of researched territory.

Bojchenko S.
Features of dynamics of the concentration of methane in troposphere

Features of dynamics of methane in troposphere (of one of the basic greenhouse gases) that influence on greenhouse effect for modern anthropogenesis intensification takes the second place after carbonic gas are considered. The analysis of seasonal-latitudinal course of the concentration of methane in atmosphere and its time fluctuations is carried out.

Palamarchuk L., Pirnach G., Shpyg V.
Investigating the cloud and precipitation fields

The three-dimensional numerical model with a controlled level of space determination is considered for investigating the cloud and precipitation fields. A possibility of its practical using is discussed.

Pyasetska S.
Characteristic of river flowing in mountainous part of the Crimea at cold season

The charecteristics of a river flowing are presented for the mountain part of Crimea during winter and transitional periods of an year. Thtre is a tendency to rising the natural river flowing indices during winter-spring period and to their increasing with an altitude. The statistical estimations of resalts are given.

Obodovsky O., Grebin V.
Some problems of estimate and management of water recourses of the Prypjat's upper current

Were examined such questions as water resources of the Pripjat's upper current and problems of hair influence on the quantitive indexes of the Dnipro-Buzkiy channel's inclosure water and meliorative soils. Also were proposed the rauge actions concerning renovation of river's hydro-ecological regime.

Lozovitsky P.
Impact of long irrigation on gross chemicsl composition in the grounds of Kachovska irrigation system

The article presents results of the change of gross chemical composition and trace elements in the grounds of Kachovska irrigation system of 27-years irrigation.

Silevych S.
Usage of phisical-chemical properties of heavy metals for solving of problems of its monitoring

Heavy metals monitoring prospect at Dnipro basin that based on recent investigations in a field of hydrochemestry are reviewed in the article.

Ishchuk S., Gladkey O.
Conditions of development and factors of territorial organization of metropolitan economic agglomeration

The conditions of development and factors of territorial organization of metropolitan economic agglomeration are disclosed.

Mezentseva N.
Kyiv regional labour market

There are considered the main components of Kyiv regional labour market in nucleus and local labour markets. There are revealed the main tendency of its development.

Dzhaman V.
Features of process urbanization of Western Ukraine macro region

The process urbanization in western areas of Ukraine is analysed. The features of shaping of a web of urban moving and degrees of concentration of the urban population are considered.

Mezentsev K.
History and methodology of the human-geographical forecasting

There are analysed the history of the human-geographical forecasting formation and development, its methodological basics. There are determined the invariant object of the human-geographical forecasting, factors and regularities of its development.

Shyshatsky V.
Some territorial features of weep of sekecttive processes in Ukraine on parliamentary choices of 2002

The basic territorial features of weep of selective processes in Ukraine on parliamentary choices of 2002 are briefly considered. Some regularities of selective preferences of the population of Ukraine are revealed. The attempt is made to place influencing the separate factors on results of the ballot.

Hilchevska I.
Development tendention and intensification directions of foreign relations between Ukraine and Germany

There are determined and substantiated general directions of the improvement of territorial and industrial organization of foreign relations (trade and investment) between Ukraine and Germany.

Baranowskyy V.
About minimization of the sum of functions of several by means of the conditional equations

The method of minimization of the sum of functions of several variables with use of the conditional equations is offered. Use of a method for the decision of geodetic problems(tasks) is considered. Efficiency of a method in cases, when calculation of the second derivatives less toilful than the decision of systems of the linear equations is emphasized.

Bondarenko E.
The characteristic of structure of the database for creation of maps on the regional ecological policy

This article is about questions of making of the database for creation of maps which will be applied to realization of regional ecological policy are considered. The structure of base and group of the data, which it is necessary to bring to tables, are defined.

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